24V/25A, 36V/25A, 48V/22A

Product Features:

29400: 36V / 25A

28740: 48V / 22A

30400: 24-48V / 25A

Featuring Bluetooth wireless communication with apps for Apple and Android phones and tablets. View charge cycle status, select the active battery profile, upload new profiles, change between on-board and off-board, and download charge history records.

Push charge histories to cloud to access data anywhere in the world. Add new charging profiles to your charger by pulling from the cloud and pushing to your charger.

Automatic DC output voltage detection and adjustment. Charge 48V, 36V and 24V battery packs with a single charger.

Universal AC input and external DC and signal connections allow for easy customization and worldwide use.

Compliant with the newest California Energy Commission (CEC) and Department of Energy (DOE) standards.

Industry leading charging performance and intelligence. Our proprietary charge algorithm ensures a precisely charged battery every time.

Lester Electrical has been a worldwide leader in manufacturing battery chargers for 55+ years. As with all products launched by our company. the Summit Series II charger is built with industry leading durability and reliability. We are proud to stand behind our newest line and every unit shipped to our customers includes a 48 month limited warranty.
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Golf / Electric Vehicles

Industrial / Utility Vehicles

Outdoor Power Sports

Outdoor Power Equipment

Aerial WorkĀ Platform

Floor Care Machines

Material Handling

Automated Equipment

Custom Applications

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High-tech meets the Heartland

Lester Electrical has been designing and manufacturing industrial battery chargers in the heartland for more than fifty years. We are changing the landscape of electrical power conversion with our innovation. Our newest line partners our unparalleled expertise in charging batteries with market leading technology and a top of the line feature set.

Contact us with inquiries about additional features and capabilities of this unique Lester Electrical product.

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