Dual Mode

24V/12A Battery Charger

Product Features:

The Dual Mode charger is proudly engineered and manufactured in the United States of America, at our Lincoln, Nebraska location.
The Dual Mode case is manufactured with power-coated steel. The efficient convection cooled design offers optimal heat dissipation (no need for fan).
The Dual Mode supports both Wet and Sealed batteries. A front panel switch can be used to select between Wet or Sealed charge profile in the field.
Precise Lester Electrical charging and termination algorithms ensure an accurate charge and assist with optimizing both daily battery capacity and overall battery life.
The Dual Mode was designed with customers in mind. It features a compact physical footprint and is easy to carry. It offers easy to read LED indicators on the front of the charger.
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Lester Electrical Dual Mode Data Sheet


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Lester Electrical Dual Mode Manual

18330 Manual

Lester Electrical Dual Mode Manual

18360 Manual

Lester Electrical Dual Mode Cad File

18330 CAD File

Lester Electrical Dual Mode Cad File

18360 CAD File

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Lester Electrical High Tech Battery Chargers
High-tech meets the Heartland

Lester Electrical is known for our industrial battery chargers, as we have been designing and manufacturing these in the heartland of America for more than fifty years. We also offer complimentary product lines to provide our partners with additional products featuring Lester quality and reliability.

Our gcLink USB charger easily integrates with any electric vehicle and allows users the luxury and convenience of two charging ports for smartphones. Contact us with inquiries about additional features and capabilities of this unique Lester Electrical product.

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