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24V, 48V, 130V

Product Features:

Multiple iPMs in a single chassis provide redundancy (N+1, N+2, etc) and will continue to operate if the User Interface Module (UIM) fails for high availability/uptime application.

Mitigate time at work site with individual iPMs that can be removed and replaced while remaining iPMs are in use.
Compliant with the California Energy Commission (CEC) standards, UL 1012, NEMA PE 5, FCC Part 15. Auto compensation for remote battery and temperature compensation.
Engineered for high heat applications, 70°C with no cooling fans. Conformal coating standard on all circuit boards for increased protection. Lighting protection is a standard option and built into every iPM.
Dry Summary contact output at 1 amp 30Vdc or 0.5 amp at 120Vac. 13 standard programmable alarms with time delay and event categorization (SNMP and NTP). 10,000 event data logging capacity downloadable in variety of file types in (CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, SQL, EXCEL) that utilizes a responsive framework.
Flexible Battery types – FLA, VRLA and Ni-Cd for 10 to 98 cells.
Designed to accept universal AC input, auto-detect 100-240VAC. No tap strips or jump wires to be moved. Wall, shelf and floor mount configurations offered. 4 different knockout locations for running wires.
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High-tech meets the Heartland

Every Atlas charger is manufactured in US, right here in Lincoln Nebraska.  The Atlas Modular Stationary Battery Charger is a very diverse platform that can be configured to meet many of your charging needs.  At its core, every Atlas comes with a host of standard features that makes ordering seamless and allows you to focus on the care of your batteries for many years of maintenance free deployment.

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