Battery Charging Solutions for

Railroad Signaling and Communications

Lester Electrical manufactures battery charging systems designed specifically for railroad signaling, communications, and switch machine applications.  Our switch mode battery chargers feature modularity, redundancy, leading energy efficiency, and best-in-class features.  In partnership with National Railway Supply (NRS), our exclusive partner for the rail industry in North America, the HF-MAX battery charger platform is trusted by leading Class I, freight, transit, passenger, and short-line railroads, as well as light rail, high-speed rail, and subways.  NRS and Lester Electrical also partner to offer traditional transformer-based railroad battery chargers.  For over 30 years, Lester Electrical has been a principal supplier of wayside battery chargers to the rail industry.  We understand that delivering purpose-built battery chargers with leading reliability and best-in-class features is of the utmost importance in this mission-critical, demanding application.

Why Lester Electrical Battery Chargers?

Reliable & Durable.

Lester Electrical has been manufacturing railroad battery chargers for more than 30 years.  We are proud to have a name synonymous with quality.  Our battery chargers are built to last in the USA with industrial construction, natural convection cooling (no fans), and wide operating temperatures of -40 °C to +70 °C for the demanding railroad wayside environment.

Modular & Redundant.

Multiple modular, hot-swappable Intelligent Power Modules (iPMs) in a single chassis provide N+1 to N+N redundancy for high availability/uptime railroad applications.

Leading Features.

With an extensive list of available features, including Ethernet communication, SNMP, and sophisticated alarming/logging functionality, Lester Electrical battery chargers provide the features required by today’s railroads.  Our battery chargers also feature full AREMA compliance.

High Efficiency.

With peak efficiency over 93 percent, Lester Electrical railroad battery chargers require less AC power, produce less heat, and are California Energy Commission (CEC) compliant.

Reduced Maintenance/Field Time.

The features listed above, including redundant, hot-swappable iPMs, remote Ethernet communication, and sophisticated alarming/logging options, enable railroads using Lester Electrical battery chargers to enjoy reduced unscheduled, expensive maintenance/field time.

In North America, contact National Railway Supply (NRS) for all of your railroad signaling, communications, and switch machine battery charging solutions. 

Outside of North America, contact Lester Electrical to discuss your wayside railway battery charging applications and needs.

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