Battery Charging Solutions

for Lithium Battery Systems

Lester Electrical partners with equipment and battery manufacturers integrating Lithium-ion solutions. Lester has charging systems ranging from 350W to 3840W that are capable of charging and maintaining Lithium packs based on a wide variety of chemistries. These systems can integrate with battery management systems via communications such as CAN as well as work in conjunction with the batteries via battery profiles specifically tailored to the needs of the battery manufacturer.

Why Lester Electrical Battery Chargers?


At Lester we have over 50 years of battery charging systems expertise coupled with modern switched mode charging systems with advanced control and processing capabilities.

Cutting Edge

Every day brings new approaches and technology to the battery systems and Lester has a special Lithium team that ensures we are up-to-date on the most recent developments.


We design an algorithm specific to the needs of the battery system and work with the product and battery manufacturer to ensure successful integration of the electric drive system.


Lester has in house testing and verification of the charge algorithm, certification for the California Energy Commission (CEC) and Department of Energy (DOE) battery system testing as well as cycle stations to operate in conjunction with battery packs.

Recommended Charging Solutions.

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