Battery Charging Solutions

for Golf Carts & Electric Vehicles

Lester Electrical proudly features chargers designed with golf cars in mind. Our company was founded in 1963 to manufacture battery chargers for the first electric golf cars. Since that time, we have produced more industrial/commercial battery chargers than any other company in the world. We understand delivering top level performance and experience is tantamount to success in a competitive market. Our chargers are designed to meet the same goals you have for your golf cars – reducing overall cost, delivering flexibility and optimizing performance. Our partners are provided technical support, customer support, product features and reliability that cannot be matched.

Why Lester Electrical Battery Chargers?

Positive end-user experience.

Our proprietary charging method (Progressive DV/DT) ensures a fully charged battery every time. Lester chargers work with your vehicle to deliver satisfied customers who will return to you every time.

Reduced maintenance/warranty expense.

Lester ensures our chargers are completely sealed (IP66 rated) using only natural convection cooling methods  ensuring no damage occurs from water, dirt, mud or other elements found in the variety of environments your cars are sent into.

Long Lasting.

Lester has been manufacturing chargers for more than 50 years. We are proud to have a name synonymous with quality. Our chargers are always built to last.

Easy Integration.

Our chargers are designed to fit easily into today’s golf cars, with easy connections. Save time and cost on labor and installation.


Our chargers have broad listing of regulatory approvals and best-in-class efficiency. Universal AC input and external DC and signal connections allow our golf partners to easily customize and serve your customers worldwide.

Recommended Charging Solutions.

Summit Series II

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