Battery Charging Solutions

for Generator Charging

Generator support starts at the batteries, these systems are mission critical.  The Atlas Modular Stationary Battery Charger packages a high heat, tough, and redundant system all into one charger.  When the grid fails or Mother Nature wreaks havoc you need your generator to respond every time and with secure Ethernet monitoring, you’ll know your charger is up to the challenge.


Modular platform featuring multiple iPMs in a single chassis provide redundanc (N+1, N+2, etc) and will continue to operate if the User Interface Module (UIM) fails for high availability / uptime applications.

Sophisticated Alarming.

Alarms can be individually enabled / disabled, assigned a delay, assigned a priority and assigned to the summary alarm relay. SNMP alarming and NTP date / time synchronization via Ethernet.


Internal web server uses a modern, responsive framework. Highest security standards maintained with Confirm Local Presence button featured on front of charger. Requires local access to make changes to charger settings.

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