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Bring resilience back to your grid with our Atlas Stationary Modular Battery Charger. Built in the USA, by the people of Lester Electrical. The redundancy and durability built into our stationary platform will give you the peace of mind of knowing your charging system can withstand multiple events and keep going. Installing the Atlas Stationary Modular Battery Charger can increase the freedom of allocating your most important resource in an emergency…PEOPLE.

Why Atlas Utility Chargers?

American Made.

The Atlas is proudly designed and manufactured in U.S.A. at our manufacturing plant in Lincoln, Nebraska. Quality is built into every product made for our clients.

Efficiency and Safety.

Compliant with the California Energy Commission (CEC) standards, UL 1012, NEMA PE 5, FCC Part 15. Auto compensation for remote battery and temperature compensation.

Tough. Really tough.

The Atlas line of chargers are all manufactured with heavy-duty construction for industry leading ruggedness and reliability. Engineered for high heat applications, 70°C using natural convection cooling (no fans), low DC output ripple and conformal coating standard on all circuit boards for increased protection. Lightning protection is a standard option and built into every iPM.

Easy and Flexible.

Designed to accept universal AC input, auto-detect 100-240VAC. No tap strips or jump wires to be moved. Wall, shelf and floor mount configurations offered. 4 different knockout locations for running wires.

Hot Swappable Power Modules

Modular platform featuring multiple iPMs in a single chassis provide redundancy (N+1, N+2, etc) and will continue to operate if the User Interface Module (UIM) fails for high availability, uptime, and mission critical applications.  Individual iPMs are hot-swappable, allowing for the change out of an iPMs without the need to stop charger output.

Sophisticated Alarming

Dry Summary contact output at 1 amp 30Vdc or 0.5 amp at 120Vac. 13 standard programmable alarms with time delay and event categorization (SNMP and NTP) via Ethernet. 10,000 event data logging capacity downloadable in variety of file types in (CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, SQL, EXCEL) that utilizes a responsive framework.  Alarms can be individually enabled / disabled, assigned a delay, assigned a priority andassigned to the summary alarm relay.

Why Lester Electrical?


We believe in giving our partners all the quality, support and features we pride ourselves on but keeping cost low.


Our products have a tradition of unrivaled quality, reliability and longevity in the most demanding applications and environments.


One of our core values is to obsess over customers. We provide unparalleled customer service and technical support. You are the most important client we have.


Our team is passionate about what we do here. We put our 55+ years of market and product experience to work for you.


Industry leading technology is built into our chargers giving you the newest and best available on the market.

Get Started.

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Explore the user interface and settings on a live 12 volt Atlas charger.  Contact a sale representative at “sales@lesterelectrical.com” for the user name and password before clicking the link.

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