Battery Charging Solutions

for Power Sports

Lester Electrical proudly features chargers designed with power sport vehicles in mind. We design and manufacture our chargers to provide a precise charge every time. Lester makes sure that your vehicle will be ready to go take out and play anytime you are.

Why Lester Electrical Battery Chargers?

Positive end-user experience.

Our proprietary charging method (Progressive DV/DT) ensures a fully charged battery every time. Lester chargers work with your vehicle to deliver satisfied customers who will return to you every time.

Reduced maintenance/warranty expense.

Lester ensures our chargers are completely sealed (IP66 rated) using only natural convection cooling methods ensuring no damage occurs from water, dirt, dust or other environmental hazards. We are experts at providing chargers meant for use in rugged and demanding applications.

Long Lasting.

Lester has been manufacturing chargers for more than 50 years. We are proud to have a name synonymous with quality. Our chargers are always built to last.

Easy Integration.

Our chargers are designed to fit easily into today’s power sport vehicles for work and play Рwith easy connections. Save time and cost on labor and installation.


Our chargers have broad listing of regulatory approvals and best-in-class efficiency. Universal AC input and external DC and signal connections allow our partners to easily customize and serve your customers worldwide.

Recommended Charging Solutions.

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